Anvil-head - Sarah Frieberg's Logo


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Client: Sarah Frieberg

Business: Fine Artist, Teacher and Environmentalist

Design Considerations: The focus of this artist’s work is primarily nature, more specifically ‘pollinators’ (bees, butterflies, humming birds, etc). The impetus of her work is to analyze and inspire investigation into the myriad of stimuli, both natural and man made, currently effecting these animals.

As an individual so interested and invested in these creatures, it was essential to include one of them as a visual element in the logo. By having the bee’s body shape mimic that of a lower-case ‘g’ I incorporated it directly into her name. I used a light yellow, so as not to have the bee look like a yellow jacket (a very important delineation to Sarah), and repeated the color in the ‘fine art’ font, for overall integration. I used the two ‘script’ fonts, as a reference to the refined and elegant presence of this artist and her work.